MONO-material recyclable laminated flexible package

In addition to being degradable, it is also recyclable! We are committed to the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging materials, and the new generation of "MONO-material recyclable flexible packaging" is already in mass production, which is another choice for your products.

MONO-material Recyclable
MONO-material Recyclable

Environmental Certification for the MONO-material recyclable flexible packaging

Interseroh "Made for Recycling" certified recyclable packaging with the following features.

  • High recycling rate
  • Easy separation of packaging waste
  • Efficient sorting by recycling system
  • High recycling quality
  • Circular economy contribution
MONO-material Recyclable
MONO-material Recyclable

Suggested products for recyclable flexible packaging materials

  • Food: coffee beans/ tea leaves/ dry goods/ cereals/ biscuits/ puree/ pet food
  • Beauty: mask bag/ shampoo/ body wash/ hand cream
  • Cleaning: laundry detergent/ dishwashing detergent
  • Gardening: soil/ fertilizer
  • Others: discussed more

MONO series can be customized for your products; depending on the products of the packaging, different adaptability and stability tests will be required.

MONO-material Recyclable