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Not solely professional, we committed to ESG & CSR
More Environmentally Friendly

We are the leading company in the flexible packaging industry to invest at great expense in environmental protection equipment in 2010. In 2017, we invested at all costs to develop compostable flexible packaging and mono-material recycled packaging. Moreover, we installed the rooftop PV system in 2022 and obtained ISO 14001 environmental management certificate in 2023. Combining the resource with the Hotai Motor group, we have donated to different social goods activities for many years. Our management team continually focuses on corporate governance so that FFPC becomes stable and gets lots of trust and re-orders from various industries.

RTO & R-RTO: The environmental protection equipment

It will produce lots of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) during the production for printing and laminating in flexible packaging. However, we have invested significantly to install the RTO and R-RTO to solve the VOCs problem and are still expanding the scale. FFPC is undertaking all the corporate social responsibility and trying to contribute to the earth's sustainability.

Recyclable & Compostable: The Eco-friendly packaging

FFPC has invested lots of effort and cost in developing eco-friendly multi-layer laminated packaging, providing more sustainable options for our clients. LÜ series is the first compostable packaging to have both certifications from USA and Europe. In 2022 summer, the MONO packaging series was introduced by several clients and proved by the Germany certification institution, Interseroh - Made for Recycling.

Involved in green power energy

Except for using the green power in our factory, FFPC is also involved in developing new energy battery for the electronic vehicles which is much better for our environment compared to traditional fossil energy. We do hope to make a contribution for our new generation.

Involving in social good, especially technical and vocational education.

More sustainable to give than to receive
Corporate Social Responsibility

"Chengsyuan Social Welfare Foundation” and “KM Huang Health Foundation.” is the related public interest group with FFPC. All of us is enthusiastic about social goods cause our chairman Mr. Jack Huang has adhered to the unfilled wishes of his grandfather Mr. Huang Lieh-Ho and his father Mr. KM Huang. Taking from the community and giving back to society is their primary goal. Therefore, we have taken the corporate profit and personnel income to the public interest group and continue to care for all kinds of activities such as education for technical and vocational, fire agency, health care for enterprise employees, and the elders of the society. We not only want to be role models but also want to attract more and more corporate or public interest groups to join.


Chengsyuan Social Welfare Foundation is famous for supporting technical and vocational education. With the resource from FFPC, we have held visiting tours for the high school and college for many years. Moreover, we have provided intern opportunities for high school students during the summer and winter vacation. We will continually assist to educate the new generation of our society.


Corporate Sustainability Report 2023 
ISO 14064-1:2018 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement
ISO 14067:2018 Product Carbon Footprint Verification Opinion