The appearance of High Technology Materials Plant

For serving the growing High Technological and Electronic clients, FFPC invested more than 3 million US dollars to build the second plant in the original place. It occupies over 2000 square meters and started to operate in 2008. In High Technology Materials Plant, FFPC owns 5 teams of production technique, quality assurance and research & development in a total of 100 professional technicians who specialize in manufacturing flexible packaging for the electronic and Biotechnological industry. In High Technology Materials Plant, FFPC installs a 4-in-1 dry laminator which is the unique one in the world and devised by ourselves. Our High Technology Materials Plant is an excellent supply chain partner to the High Technology industry, providing high quality products, Just-In Time production and service to them.

High efficiency ESD coating machine
Multi-function slitter
High accuracy heat sealing machine
High accuracy 9-color printing machine
High efficiency pouch making machine
High accuracy inspection machine