FFPC is the first professional flexible packaging and printing original equipment manufacturer in Taiwan and has the same founder with Taiwan Hotai Motor, the Taiwan Toyota.
Founded in 1963, FFPC has step over for half a century and does businesses complying with the founder, Mr. Huang Liea Foo’s will. FFPC not only continuously provide flexible packaging design and OEM printing services for industrial clients, but also is a rare one of unfading enterprise in Taiwan.

FFPC was founded by Mr. Huang Liea Foo in Hsinchuang Taipei ( Taiwan Hotai Motor is the main shareholder of FFPC)
Since sales growth and plant expansion, we moved plant to the current place, Hsin Chu industrial park.
Acquired ISO 9002 certification.
Acquired ISO 9001:2000 version.
High Technology Materials Plant was completed and started operation. (class 10,000 cleanroom/ manufacturing layout of TPS features)
Acquired ISO 9001:2008 version.
Introduced a RCO (Regenerative Catalyst Oxidizer) from a Finland company, EHOVOC, to efficiently dispose the after-manufactured air coming from manufacturing process.
Acquired ISO22000 and HACCP certification in March. Installed a highly accurate 9-color printing machine and started to mass production in September.
RTO(Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) formally started to dispose the air coming from manufacturing process.
In December, Changed English company name from China Gravure Industries, Inc. to Formosa Flexible Packaging Corp. (The abbreviation is FFPC).
Set up the overseas subsidiary, called Formosa Flexible Packaging America, Inc. (The abbreviation is FFPA) in South Los Angeles in January to serve clients in Europe and America.
FFPC invested more than 100 million US dollar to improve manufacturing and operating environment in General Material Plant and this quality improving project was completed in June.
Acquired FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification) in July.
Formosa Flexible Packaging Corp. has installed new pouch making machine for electronics packaging, 4 color printing machine for AL printing, 7 color printing machine, new slitting machine and automated quality inspection machine to provide better quality and service to customers.
2020 and
the future
Aspiration of FFPC is continuously being the most priding supply chain partner for customers to improve our innovation and service in products.