R&D Center

(Equipment in FFPC’s R&D Center. With open laboratory space, customers can directly see through the interior of the laboratory space from the hallway.)

FFPC is proud to be the most dedicated company in the R&D field across the industry. In 2017,FFPC upgraded the R&D function to the first-class department into R&D Center, directly under the CEO's control. Meanwhile, FFPC expanded the laboratory space and staff and obtained various advanced instruments and equipment. Also, FFPC had set up the deputy Chief Technical Officer (CTO) to lead the R&D team to serve our clients.

FFPC's R&D team upholds a consistent spirit and continues to invest in process improvement, new product research, and development work field. FFPC also maintains excellent communication in academic theories with research institutions at home and abroad.

Our company is dedicated to developing and upgrading functions of flexible packaging. In order to provide the best product to our clients, there are various features we put our effort in. For example, whether the product is easy to identify, humid-resistance, light-shielding, gas-resistance, anti-static, conductivity, heat-sealing properties, wearability, fall-resistance, friction-resistance, puncture-resistance, cooking, composting, recycling, anti-corrosion, anti-counterfeiting. Those are all the features we put our effort in. 

Our R&D team values market-oriented research and takes approaches such as "Go out from the lab, be close to our customers, and listen to their needs." FFPC constantly strives to provide clients with more stable quality, diversified functions, and reasonable prices in our flexible packaging products!