Since 1963 超越半個世紀的專業淬煉



Flexible Packaging 領先業界的品質保證

Over the half century experience,

FFPC is not only the Expert,

but also your trustworthy Partner.

Always leads flexible packaging industry.


Characteristics of Formosa Flexible Packaging Corp.

  • 10,000級潔淨廠房 : 大全彩藝不惜鉅資配備10,000級潔淨生產空間,與高科技電子廠同等級,屬全球軟式包材印刷業界中之翹楚。
  • 品質值得信賴 : 大全彩藝通過多項國際品質認證ISO9001、ISO22000、HACCP、FSSC22000,多重品保認證、品質值得信賴。
  • 高效環保設備 : 大全彩藝為領先同業使用RCO與RTO高效廢氣處理設備的軟式包材製造廠,『保護生態、守護地球』是我們的企業使命。
  • 持續推動研發 : 大全彩藝配備有領先同業的「技術研發中心」部門,不斷改善、開發並推出更能滿足客戶需求的新型軟式包材。
  • Class 10,000 cleanroom plant
  • Trustworthy quality
  • Highly effective ECO equipment


Introduction of FFPC

FFPC is the first professional flexible packaging and printing original equipment manufacturer in Taiwan and has the same founder with Taiwan Hotai Motor, the Taiwan Toyota. Founded in 1963, FFPC has step over for half a century and does businesses complying with the founder, Mr. Huang Liea Foo’s will. FFPC not only continuously provide flexible packaging design and OEM printing services for industrial clients, but also is a rare one of unfading enterprise in Taiwan.


Team USA

大全彩藝客戶遍及全球多個國家地區,觸角延伸國際、於2014年1月成立北美子公司 (公司名稱 : FORMOSA FLEXIBLE PACKAGING AMERICA, INC.),積極深入服務北美地區客戶,以滿足快速成長的全球包材需求。

Having clients worldwide in many countries and extending reach to international market, FFPC set up a subsidiary (subsidiary name: Formosa Flexible Packaging America, Inc.) in Jan 2014. FFPA serve clients actively and deeply in North America and to meet the rapid growing packaging need in the world.


Quality Assurance

  • ISO9001

  • ISO22000


  • FSSC22000

  • Compostable

  • Biodegradable